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We are not anti gravity, we just refuse to let it pull us down!

From the FFGF charter

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Imagine a world with no gravity, a world where things don't fall down, where a pound of lead weighs no more than a pound of feathers, a world where shoes never wear out. The FFGF is dedicated to bringing about such a world.

Does this sound quixotic? Are you thinking, "not in my lifetime"? Well, we have news for you. Good news.

You probably know by now that most members of the scientific establishment stubbornly insist that gravity just has to drag everything down. Yet there is a small band of dissident academicians, intellectuals and researchers who beg to differ.

These remarkable scientists are dedicated to the proposition that humanity can be freed from the shackles of gravity. And they have discovered that gravity can in fact be neutralized, not with complicated, expensive equipment but by a simple act of will!

In the immortal words of the great Bokonon, "Do not drink from the gravity well if you want to soar with the large winged things". Yet so few of us have heeded that advice!

Are you bound by gravity? Do you want to be?

Some people prefer heaviosity, and there is nothing wrong with that. But if you would rather soar, then read on!

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